New NAHMS Survey to Measure Antibiotic Use, Stewardship

Starting in May, the USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) will ask pig farmers who have at least 1,000 pigs and farm in any of the top 13 pork-producing states about their on-farm antimicrobial use and their related stewardship practices. Those states include Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.

Specifically, the NAHMS Antimicrobial Use on U.S. Swine Operations 2017 study will:

  • Estimate the percentage of production sites using and the percentage of weaned market pigs receiving specific antimicrobials in feed and/or water by reasons for use.
  • Describe antimicrobial-use practices in feed and water on production sites.
  • Provide baseline data (historical) on antimicrobial-use practices in place before implementation of FDA policy changes (prior to 2017), which can be used for evaluating trends over time.
  • Describe antimicrobial stewardship practices on production sites with weaned market pigs or swine nursery and grower-finisher facilities.
The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will contact producers in the 13 states who have at least 1,000 pigs to ask for their participation in the study. Later this summer, those who agree to participate will meet with a veterinarian from the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, who will conduct the survey. Importantly, the NAHMS study will protect participants’ privacy by not revealing names or contact information associated with individual data.

For more information about the NAHMS study, contact: USDA–APHIS–VS–CEAH NRRC Building B, M.S. 2E7 2150 Centre Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80526-8117. Phone: (970) 494-7000 Email: or visit NAHMS at:

2017 Census of Agriculture


The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who operate them. Even small plots of land - whether rural or urban - growing fruit, vegetables or some food animals count if $1,000 or more of such products were raised and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the Census year.

The Census of Agriculture, taken only once every five years, looks at land use and ownership, operator characteristics, production practices, income and expenditures. For America’s farmers and ranchers, the Census of Agriculture is their voice, their future, and their opportunity.

2017 Update on Advancements in Cereal Grains

While seed laws and regulations have not changed, breeding has. Advancements with scab tolerance, standability, yield, and disease resistance have been great. As a result, owners of various varieties - biotech companies - have sought to safeguard their research and investment by obtaining patents and PVPA protection on new variety releases to protect their intellectual property. For instance, on wheat and triticale varieties, approximately 70% are currently patented and 28% are PVPA protected (the remaining 2% are older lines that are limited and falling out of favor). Protecting their investment in this way will allow them to continue to bring you better varieties in the future.

Pay close attention to the tag on the seed you are planting so as not to inadvertently violate patent and PVPA laws. Violations can include: 

  • Purchasing a patented variety and producing the crop for more than one use
  • Saving seed back for your own planting
  • Offering seed for sale or trade
  • Purchasing a PVPA variety and selling this grain as seed, trading, or offering this seed for sale to anyone else (you are allowed to save seed back for planting on your farm only)

The owner of the variety can seek huge damages for such actions.


How do you know if your seed is covered by patent or PVPA laws? This information can be found on the tag or your seed dealer can provide you with this information if you are unsure of what you planted. It's not too late: if you have a crop in the field that you were intending on saving for seed, alternative uses, such as grain or forage will eliminate the risk of being in violation. Don't risk being charged with the theft of intellectual property. The seed industry is very aware of the growing number of individuals selling "brown bag seed" and the number of investigations and violations are growing every year.
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Stay Informed of the Latest Agricultural and Shale Law Developments

The Center for Agricultural and Shale Law disseminates information through a number of different platforms on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With so many options, stakeholders can choose products that will keep them informed according to their own needs. Learn more.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Information

Visit the PennAg Poultry Council page for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza information and updates.

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Know Your Rights: What To Do When ICE Comes to the Workplace - July 12
PennAg and the team from Stevens & Lee will host a seminar on Wednesday, July 12 from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Lancaster Farm and Home Center on the topic of workforce/foreign workers. 
Discussion will include:

  • As an employer, what documentation should I check?
  • If visited by ICE - what should I do and what shouldn't I do?
  • If ICE takes my workers - what should I do?
  • Helpful information for you to have as well as your employees, so everyone knows their rights.

This FREE event is open to PennAg members ONLY. Breakfast will be provided. Please RSVP by July 7 to Jennifer Reed-Harry at or 717-651-5920. Questions about the event? Please contact Jennifer.

PennAg APC / Seed Council Summer Tour - August 3

Join the PennAg Agronomic Products Council and Seed Council for their annual Summer Tour on Thursday, August 3! This year's event will feature visits to Herr's Potato Chip Factory in Nottingham, PA and Limeville Quarry in Gap, PA. Deadline to register is July 27. The cost to register is $40/person. (Registration cost covers bus transportation, tours, snacks and lunch.) Sponsorships are also being accepted to help cover the cost of the event. Download a registration form or register online today!

PennAg Sporting Clay Classic - August 24
Join us on Thursday, August 24 for the PennAg Sporting Clay Classic. To be held at Central Penn Sporting Clays (75 Quarry Road, Wellsville), the event will feature an optional wobble trap, lunch, 100 target clays course, and will conclude with a ice cream social.

*Please note, the 2017 event is NOT a fundraiser for the PennAg PAC, simply a fundraiser for general use by the Association. 

Interested in sponsoring and/or participating in the event? Download a registration form or register online today! Questions? Please contact Amy Bradford at or 717-651-5920.


June 21

PennAg Poultry Council Executive Committee Meeting
9 a.m.
(Room 113, Farm & Home Center, Lancaster)

July 4

Independence Day

PennAg Office Closed

July 12

Know Your Rights:
What To Do When ICE Comes to the Workplace
*Seminar for PennAg Members ONLY
8:30 a.m.
(Farm & Home Center, Lancaster)

July 12

PEQAP Oversight Committee Meeting

9:30 a.m.

(Room 309, PA Dept. of Agriculture)

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