Agronomic Products Council

The Agronomic Products Council (APC) represents those who serve the crop industry in Pennsylvania. With assistance from the American Crop Protection Association, the Fertilizer Institute and Agricultural Retailers Association, APC members keep informed of pending items at the national level.

APC was instrumental in obtaining the Act 23 amendments to the Tax Code. With these amendments, companies involved in processing, blending and packaging of fertilizers can expect reductions on certain taxes. One of the amendments exempts fertilizer equipment used in the manufacturing process between material storage bins or tanks and ultimate delivery container such as bag, bulk transport, farm truck, etc. from Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax. Also included in the amendment is the elimination of the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax for fertilizer processing, blending and packaging operations.

Governed by an Executive Committee, the entire APC membership meets twice a year - in the winter for a day-long session to review current issues and in the summer for interactive tours of fellow council members' facilities. For more information, please contact Colleen Hershey at 
or 717-651-5920.

Report Says Soy-Based Products Boost Economic Growth

Did you know that biobased chemicals—including those made of soy derivatives—are expected to make up more than 10 percent of the chemical market by 2015? Or that the United States has the potential to produce two-thirds of the total volume of chemicals from biobased materials? Those are just a few of the conclusions detailed in the USDA report, “Why Biobased?”


The report shows that soy-based industrial products might also contribute to job growth. The Biotechnology Industry Organization has estimated that U.S.-based jobs for the renewable-chemicals sector will rise from approximately 40,000 in 2011, which represents 3-4 percent of all chemical sales, to more than 237,000 jobs by 2025. This employment level would represent approximately 20 percent of total chemical sales.



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