Current Insurance Rates

                                                               Individual        Parent/Child       Parent/Children    Two Party       Family

United Concordia Dental                        $31.14               $61.58                    $97.51               $61.58           $97.51
*rates valid through October 1, 2018

NVA Vision - Option 1                             $ 3.53                $ 8.81                      $ 8.81                $ 8.81            $ 8.81
*rates valid through January 1, 2022



NVA Vision - Option 2                            $ 5.65                 $14.12                     $14.12               $14.12           $14.12
*rates valid through January 1, 2022

Cigna Life and Accidental D & D                  $0.61 per $1,000
*rate valid through March 1, 2019

Cigna Short-Term Disability                         $0.61 per $10
*rate valid through March 1, 2019

All rates are on a Per Month basis.

Please contact Nicole Cassel at or 717-651-5920 for additional information about these services.

HR Happenings

Over Half of U.S. Workers Have Left Jobs After Finding Better Benefits Offerings

  • Only 39% of employees in a new Randstad U.S. survey are satisfied with their benefits, even though only 48% know all of their employer's benefits offerings. A strong majority of the 756 survey respondents (94%), however, said they want benefit offerings that will impact the quality of their lives, such as flexible work schedules or student-debt pay down plans.
  • Survey results show that benefits can be a bigger talent draw than money: according to 66% of respondents, benefits and perks are the largest determining factor in considering a job offer, and 61% would take a job with a lower salary for a better benefits package. Poor benefits offerings are causing 42% of employees to consider leaving their current jobs, and 55% have already left jobs because they found better benefit offerings elsewhere.
  • Respondents also prioritized employer-sponsored benefits. Health insurance was cited as the most important, especially among respondents over 50, followed by retirement or pension plans. The three highest rated perks were early Friday dismissals; remote or flexible work schedules; and onsite amenities, such as a gym or concierge services. Nearly half (41%) of respondents ages 18 to 24 said their current employers don't offer student loan benefits, but said that they wish their employers did.

Employers must develop frequent, personalized communication around their benefits plans in order to ensure employees understand their options. In a 2017 Guardian study, 80% of employees said they understood their benefits, but when tested, only 49% actually did. Simple steps like periodic reviews, reminders and change updates can be invaluable strategies.

Healthcare tops employees' list of preferred traditional benefits, but it's also one of the costliest. The challenge for employers and workers is to continuously find ways to seek healthcare savings, wherever possible, without sacrificing quality. One such cost-saving method is the enhanced use of preventive care, which can detect health problems early before expensive treatment becomes necessary.

The tight labor market makes talent attraction and retention crucial. Employers that don't offer benefits that workers want, risk losing them to competitors, as the Randstad U.S. survey and other polls affirm. HR leaders can help their organizations find out what benefits employers prefer by simply polling them. However, employers must keep in mind that preferences often differ on the basis of age, gender, financial background and other demographics.

Voluntary benefits have also become virtual must-haves for workers. Offerings such as coverage for identity theft, pet insurance, student-debt repayment plans, cybersecurity insurance and financial counseling can improve workers' lives in significant ways and build loyalty.

[Source: Valerie Bolden-Barrett, June 19, 2018]


April 28, 2017 - For over 12 years we have utilized the opportunity afforded us by being a member of PennAg to offer our employees insurance. With all the consolidation in the insurance world, we have always appreciated the friendly expertise at PennAg that has helped us to navigate the changes and provide economical options for us to keep our employees covered.

Being a small agricultural business, we cannot express the value of always having knowledgeable staff to call and promptly respond to emails and phone calls. When we have our annual discussion on our plans and potential changes, the staff is always organized and ready to offer us options that fit our business and employee’s needs. Our questions are always answered in a timely fashion and delivered in an easy to understand manner, even when we don’t like the answer. The term “local” is seen everywhere. We appreciate the “local” insurance service provided by PennAg.

-Bill Achor, York Ag Products Inc.

GeoBlue Voyager

Protect Your Health Around the World

What is GeoBlue Voyager®?

Travel health insurance that helps short-term leisure, student, business or missionary travelers identify access and pay for quality healthcare.

GeoBlue Voyager fills health and safety gaps

Insurance — Even if you are already enrolled in a health plan, your coverage is limited when you travel abroad. In fact, your plan may not pay to have you safely evacuated if you are critically ill.

Information — Where do you turn to learn which
hospitals and physicians meet your standards? Keep up with breaking news about health and safety threats? Translate key medical terms and brandname drugs?

Access to quality care — How do you find a westerntrained,
English-speaking doctor with the appropriate skills? How do you arrange a convenient appointment?

Each GeoBlue Voyager policy includes broad, deep
and reliable Global Health and Safety Services easily accessed through the web or our toll-free customer service center.

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