Poultry Council

The PennAg Poultry Council is a communication and advocacy tool for the poultry industry in Pennsylvania, which developed from the merger of the Pennsylvania Poultry Federation into the council structure of PennAg in 1998. The council represents growers, integrators, processors, hatcheries, equipment, feed companies, vaccine companies and advisors for everything from broilers to turkeys to gamebirds for the conventional and live bird markets.


The council's goals are as follows:

  1. Provide regular updates to the poultry industry on research, trends, and other pertinent items
  2. Increase media representation in order to increase exposure of the council in state and national publications
  3. Explore ways to implement research and provide a forum for industry to offer suggested research topics
  4. Increase efforts to promote food safety to consumers and to develop partnerships with retailers/grocers to improve food safety education in stores
  5. Increase industry involvement in state poultry contests and to begin to develop incentives for the best students to consider careers in poultry science
  6. Expand and enhance relationships with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, specifically with regard to poultry health issues, the PEQAP program, avian influenza, and biosecurity

  • Click here for updates and information regarding Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.
  • Click here for updates and information regarding Coryza and VLT.

Pennsylvania was the first state in the nation to institute steps to reduce the risk of Salmonella enteriditis (SE) contamination of shell eggs with a voluntary industry program for effective flock testing and management - the Pennsylvania Egg Quality Assurance Program (PEQAP). Other examples of areas where Pennsylvania has been a national leader include its avian influenza monitoring program, which was recently adopted by the USDA as the model for the national program and Pennsylvania's nutrient management program for confined animal feeding operations.


Our committees are key to a successful Poultry Council. They include: Pennsylvania Egg Quality Assurance Program (PEQAP) Oversight; Poultry Health; Research; Egg and Meat Bird; Scholarship; Special Events; and Executive.

Also, the PennAg Poultry Council raises money to support scholarships for Penn State students studying Avian Science or a related field. The Poultry Council / John Schwartz Memorial Golf Outing, held each Fall, is the primary fundraiser for those scholarships.


As the fourth largest state for poultry production in the United States, PennAg Industries Association’s Poultry Council is focused on ensuring a vibrant future for the poultry industry in Pennsylvania. The Poultry Council identifies key issues within industry to educate and engage industry personnel. Emergency preparedness for disaster response within the industry continues to be an area of focus.


In 2013, the Poultry Council has purchased a depopulation foamer from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and a "Foamer Association" has been developed, that members of the poultry industry may join. Membership in the association allows each member company/organization access to use of the foamer should the need arise. As part of membership, trainings are provided to educate partners about proper use and operation of the foamer.


Membership in the Foamer Association supports Pennsylvania’s poultry industry. As a member of the association, you ensure Pennsylvania’s readiness to combat any catastrophic poultry event. Please consider becoming a member of the PennAg Foamer Association to support the poultry industry in Pennsylvania.

For additional information, please contact Mackenzie Strawser at mstrawser@pennag.com 
or 717-651-5920. 

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